What We Do

Loon Holdings is a real estate focused holding company. Loon Holdings has successfully acquired property in multiple states across the US. Many folks are hesitant to doing business over the internet, especially when it comes to their property. Loon Holdings takes pride in transparency, real estate education and keeping up to date with current market conditions.

Sean Mostrom

Sean is Head of Acquisitions a Loon Holdings. He has completed dozens of transactions across the US.

As a partner with LandPin.com, Sean is directly connected to a community that has been in business for twenty plus years and have successfully completed tens of thousands of transactions. Sean is a NAIOP member, LEED-certified, and has his Masters in Real Estate from the University of Denver. Sean is Not a real estate agent but has developed extensive knowledge in all steps needed to successfully complete any real estate transaction.

When not in Colorado, Minnesota, or Florida, Sean is on the road exploring new areas and studying different counties. The slideshow above is a collection of places Sean has been fortunate enough to experience along the way. If working with Loon Holdings interests you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

sean@loonholdings.com | 507.479.6808